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‘Achelios’ ACHETOGEL™ delivery technology offers an exclusive IP position. Achelios holds drug delivery system patents that serve as the backbone for its value creation proposition. The drug delivery system patents relate to aqueous pharmaceutical compositions for the transdermal administration of water-insoluble drugs to a patient.

Achelios holds a broad composition patent applicable to drugs in development, specifically ketoprofen, diclofenac, naproxen, and ibuprofen. The composition of the formulation patent relates to a non-irritating topical analgesic for the treatment of various pains, such as nociceptive pain, inflammatory pain, pathological pain, and migraine pain. In addition, the company has received a method-of-use patent for topical ketoprofen, as well as diclofenac, naproxen, and ibuprofen, in the indication of acute and chronic migraine, temporomandibular joint pain and neuropathic pain.


US 8,822,537 B2 Ketoprofen formulation
6,083,996 NSAI drug delivery
6,118,020 Formulation platform
2019/0365682 Diclofenac Formulation
WO 2017/106714 Treatment of neuropathy
20190216720 A1 Treatment of  pain & Migraine
2013/0109674 Treatment of trigeminal neuralgias  and facial pain
2019/0105290 Treatment of cephalgias
11,229,614 Diclofenac formulation
11,026,882 Treatment of migraine pain
US20180271813A1 Sprayable analgeic formulation

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