Delivery Technology ACHETOGEL ™


The key differentiating component of Achelios proposed reformulations is ACHETOGEL ™, the company’s proprietary drug delivery platform. ACHETOGEL™ is a gel-based formulation (that can be modified readily to create liquid sprays as well) that enables superior transdermal penetration of active ingredients to the target tissue. Topical formulations have the advantage of bypassing first-pass metabolism by the renal and hepatic systems, effectively minimizing systemic exposure, but their efficacy is often compromised by poor transdermal penetration. This is not the case with ACHETOGEL™, which ensures an efficacious quantity of active ingredient transferred to the target tissue.

ACHETOGEL ™ is comprised of generally regarded as safe (GRAS) compounds, and is a biodegradable formulation. Furthermore, the formulation is thermodynamically stable, resistant to microbial contamination, and insensitive to moisture.