Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board

Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board
Dr. Wolfgang Liedtke MD. PhD.


Dr. Wolfgang Liedtke MD. PhD.  Co. Chair SAB

Professor of Neurology, Anesthesiology and Neurobiology at Duke University.

Dr Wolfgang Liedtke is a tenured Professor of Neurology, Anesthesiology and Neurobiology at Duke University. His interests, pertaining to his laboratory-based research and his outpatient clinics, are focused on therapy-refractory pain, with special emphasis on cranio-facial pain and headaches.

Since joining Duke University as an independent investigator in 2004, Dr Liedtke has now encountered a substantial number of such cases in his outpatient clinics which draws from the entire US. Before joining Duke, Dr Liedtke completed residency training in his native Germany, in Tuebingen and Essen, in neurology and psychiatry. He came to New York City as a fellow in neuropathology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, and continued in New York City at The Rockefeller University where he trained and collaborated with molecular genetics and medical physiology pioneer, Dr Jeffrey M Friedman.

As a laboratory-based scientist, his research agenda dovetails with his clinical focus. He is particularly dedicated to elucidation of sensori-neural transduction mechanisms of transient receptor potential ion channels, with specific focus on TRPV4, first described in a paper in Cell by Liedtke et al. in 2000, now referenced approximately one thousand times, and further special emphasis on TRP-channel signaling in pain, inflammation and injury. In addition, he is interested in maladaptive neural plasticity mechanisms that contribute to pain chronicity.

He has been selected, from highly competitive pools of applicants from the US nation-wide, for two scientific awards, a Klingenstein Fund Fellowship in Neurosciences in 2004, and as Harrington Discovery Institute Scholar-Innovator in 2012/13. He has been collaborating with Achelios Therapeutics since 2012.

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