Programs & Pipeline

Programs & Pipeline

The focus of Achelios Therapeutics of Chapel Hill, North Carolina is “New Therapeutic Entity” (NTE) development for the treatment of pain by topically delivered medications – new drug products of previously approved molecules using novel formulations for new indications. The opportunity exists for both RxList (online medical resource of US prescription medications providing full prescribing information and patient education) and over-the-counter products. Achelios is currently focusing its resources on advancing TOPOFEN™ for the indication of acute migraines.

Substantial pre-clinical work has been completed on Achelios’ additional proprietary formulations. Excellent penetration data have been generated for these NSAID formulations investigated relative to existing products. The proposed target indications for these additional compounds are osteoarthritis and sprains and strains; different products are being investigated for use in both the prescription and over-the-counter markets. Achelios plans to pursue development of other NSAID compounds due to their high probability of success. The patents required to secure the necessary intellectual property rights for these alternative formulations were filed in January 2015.

Achelios Therapeutics’ Programs

Achelios Therapeutics’ programs include:

  • Acute migraine treatment, the lead pain program (TopofenTM, ELS-M11), has currently completed aPhase Ib/IIa trial in the US
  • Additional indications currently under investigation
    – Peripheral neuropathic pain (diabetic peripheral neuropathy), chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, post-herpetic neuropathy, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, allodynia)
    – Peripheral joint pain (osteoarthritis, TMJ)