Specialists in transdermal pain treatments via a proven proprietary delivery platform


Deliver advanced topical therapies for unmet medical needs


Penetration problem solved! Better targeting of active ingredients than competitor products


Patent-protected pharmaceuticals with proven efficacy in clinical trials


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Achelios Therapeutics, Inc., is a Chapel Hill, North Carolina based specialty pharmaceutical company with primary focus on “New Therapeutic Entity” (NTE) development for the treatment of pain and inflammation by topically delivered medications. Achelios Therapeutics is currently focusing its resources on its most advanced product, TOPOFEN™, for the indication of acute migraines. We believe we have found the solution to a problem that has plagued other industry players for a number of years: how to successfully transfer efficacious amounts of active non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) through the dermis to the target tissue. The medications developed by Achelios Therapeutics Inc., greatly enhance the permeation of selective agents across human skin. Clinical results to date show that our drug formulations offer superior skin permeation (between 4 and 9 times) than that of leading commercial brands. ACHETOGEL™ formulations have  the advantage of bypassing first-pass metabolism by the renal and hepatic systems, thereby effectively minimizing systemic exposure. ACHETOGEL™ is a biodegradable formulation that is thermodynamically stable, resistant to microbial contamination, and insensitive to moisture. We are building a strong drug development portfolio with patent-protected pharmaceutical products, compositions, and/or method-of-use. Patent protection on topically delivered formulations will be derived through internally generated concepts and by in-licensing third party intellectual property. We plan to pursue unique formulations of other NSAIDs for the indications of migraine prophylaxis, osteoarthritis, sprains and strains, and Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. 


TOPOFEN™ is a clinical stage product that pairs Achelios’ powerful transdermal drug delivery technology system, TOPOGEL™, with ketoprofen, a well-established non-steroidal anti-inflammatory molecule  

World-class TeamWorld-class Team

Achelios Therapeutics, Inc. is backed by a management team and board of directors that possess with a deep understanding of drug discovery, formulation development, clinical development, and business development experience  

delivery modelDelivery Technology

The key differentiating component of TOPOFEN™ is its proprietary drug delivery platform, TOPOGEL™, with superior transdermal penetration of efficacious active ingredients to the target  

News & MediaNews & Media

Potential Novel Topical Migraine Therapy, Topofen To Be Presented By Achelios Therapeutics At Upcoming American Academy Of Neurology, Session Of Emerging Science On April 22, 2015